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ELEVATING Your Space With Style and Function

LXRY is a design-driven company that is focused on creating beautiful spaces to match your lifestyle. Our company strives to provide high-end interior concepts and solutions by partnering with our curated collection of Italian cabinetry brands. All of our partners are carefully considered based on the quality of materials and their ability to customize their product lines to any space. From elegant modern kitchens, couture closets, and luxurious living areas –LXRY has everything you need to create a stylish and functional space.
Our team of professional design consultants will collaborate with architects, interior designers, builders, and homeowners every step of the way to bring the vision of each custom creation to life. With LXRY, you can be sure that every detail will be taken into account from conception to installation.
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For many, the kitchen is the heart of the home. This space has something for everyone. Regardless of your lifestyle, we can reflect your needs and unique style  to provide you the best cooking, cleaning, and dining experience.


Elegant, luxurious, custom modern kitchen. Binova Kitchens. Miton Kitchens.
Preparation & DINING
Imagine waking up each morning and taking a leisurely bath in your own private oasis. With LXRY, that can be a reality. Our products are not only beautiful but also highly functional - perfect for anyone who wants the best of both worlds.


Exquisite Italian bathroom design, merging style and functionality by Casabath. Customizable solutions to elevate your bathing experience with contemporary luxury.
A custom-designed wardrobe in your home, you can be ready for the world and all its opportunities. With extra space for your wardrobe and accessories — find yourself feeling less stressed, more organized , and have more time for the things you love.


Beautiful custom Kico closet.
storage & Wardrobe
The modern living room is the perfect place to entertain friends and family. With a contemporary, cohesive style that's both sophisticated yet relaxing; you can create memories in this space with ease.


Elegant, luxurious, custom modern kitchen. Binova Kitchens. Miton Kitchens.
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Custom Design Solutions

We approach every design as tailor-made and unique to our customer's taste and lifestyle. Collaborating this understanding with our expertise in custom quality craftmanship forms the foundation for success.

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For many seeing is believing but there's nothing quite like feeling. Visit us at our showroom in upper Georgetown to get the full experience.



To provide our clients with the best Italian designs, we collaborate with renowned brands and proudly present their catalogues. Browse through the various collections and get inspired to create new fresh looks for your interiors.

Binova has made its mark in the world of premium-quality kitchens, thanks to their focus on utilizing top-notch materials.
Discover Italian craftsmanship; the flexibility you deserve. A selection of modular design that come in both modern and classic styles.
Explore Unique design solutions to accommodate living and sleeping needs in an inexhaustible range of potential arrangements.
Award winning stone fabricator with full service expertise in selections, design, & project execution of stone materials.
Italian craftsmanship redefined. Impeccable designs that harmonize beauty and practicality, offering bespoke kitchens that inspire culinary creativity.
High craftsmanship Made in Italy meets innovation and technological research: this is how TM Italia kitchens, a quintessential representation of the Bespoke kitchens, are born


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