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A successful process is an invaluable asset for any project. A well-structured plan creates a clear roadmap that guides our team from concept to installation and beyond. LXRY carefully considers both form and function and laying out the roadmap for design and execution. From beginning to end, our team ensures that our materials are installed with accuracy and excellence, providing you peace of mind knowing that you have a reliable product that will provide years of service and add value to your property.


Consultation & Discovery

We understand that each client has their own unique style and preferences, so it is essential to provide an in-depth consultation and discovery process. This begins with a thorough discussion of the project goals, timeline and budget. Our talented design team will work with you every step of the way to make sure we have a clear understanding of your specific requirements. We'll evaluate your space and tailor our services to satisfy all your individual needs.

Client Discovery & Style Exploration

First we take the time to connect with one another and explore the nuances and objectives of your project. As we discover your likes, dislikes and vision for the space we move on to reviewing references and photos as a source of inspiration.

Samples & Swatches

Explore the creative possibilities and continue developing your mood-board. Our studio is stocked with a diverse collection of samples and swatches that can help you narrow down exactly what finish and material best suits your project.

Space planning

Once we are provided measurements of the space, the LXRY team can start designing your project.


Design Presentation

The design phase of our process is the key to ensuring success, as we apply all the information gathered from the discovery process into the design vision. We ensure all aspects include the needs and expectations outlined to create our clients dream space. During this phase we create 3D renderings of the space that focus on both functionality and aesthetics. By providing both visualizations and comprehensive details during this stage of the project, we can confidently develop spaces that match our standards and satisfy our clients. 

Presentation & Proposal

At this stage, our technical team will use the selected samples to develop
3D renderings of the newly designed space. The LXRY design consultant will present these concepts for the client to choose their final layout and material selections.

Final Design Approval

After obtaining client approval on the design concept and finishes– we can confirm your order to begin the production process.



At LXRY, we understand the importance of precise execution and installation of your custom cabinetry. Every step in the installation process is closely monitored with attention to detail and quality assurance. Our team has been specially trained in all aspects of European cabinetry, ensuring the highest level of craftsmanship and precision during every phase of installation. We use state-of-the-art tools and technologies to ensure that your cabinets are installed as designed to secure longevity and function. 

Product Ordering & Tracking

The designer will work diligently with our overseas partners to guarantee your order is brought into production in a timely manner and that you remain informed of its progress. From the order date to the scheduled installation, delivery can be expected within four months.

Item Procurement & Storage

Upon delivery, if your project isn't ready for installation our designer will  coordinate with you to house your order in our storage facility while your project  site is being prepared for the cabinetry.

Project Management & Installation

Our experienced team at LXRY will manage and execute the installation of the cabinetry as crafting  European cabinetry is an art that requires highly specialized knowledge and training. Masterful craftsmanship must be applied with precision.

The Reveal & Project Wrap Up

After months of patiently anticipating your dream space becoming a reality,  it finally comes time for the reveal! The designer proudly presents the completed project to the client for a final review and celebration of the project completion.
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